Horse of the Year

The rules

WCRHA would like to introduce an exciting new year-end award, the WCRHA Horse Of The Year. This award acknowledges those horses considered “war horses”, “packers”, “steady Eddys”, etc, who are high WCRHA point earners. The award will be presented at the year-end WCRHA banquet in January.

The perpetual Morrison trophy was commissioned and generously donated by Dick Randall of Lost Trail Ranch.

Any horse (no breed or age restrictions) or rider combo is eligible in any WCRHA approved class. Points go toward the horse. An example is if a non pro or youth rides the horse in one class and a trainer rides the same horse in an open class, all points won by the horse will count towards the award. The award is given to the horse who gains the most points at WCRHA approved shows. In the event of a tie, the higher money earning horse will break the tie.

2017 Wimpys Yellow Jacket – owner Rhonda Dunlap

2016 Diamond Oak – owner Paige Barton
1 (21)

 2015 Easy Otie Dunnit – owner Stephanie Baillargeon
2015 West Coast Reining Horse Assoc. Year End Show 2015 West Coast Reining Horse Assoc. Year End Show

2014  Whiz N Steady 
West Coast Reining Horse Assoc. Brookside. Star Spangled Slide July 3-6,2014

2013  Plan Your Luck
Horse of the year2013_ 2

2012  Doctor Dually Pep

2011 Chromer Simpson