Committee NameChairMembers
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Sponsorship -
Responsible for the securing of sponsorship in either monetary or in-kind/product
JoAnn CampasBritta Jacobson, Mike Boyle, Barbi Boyle, Gillian Galligan, Melinda Gaw, Kelsey Njus, Natalie McEntire
Awards -
Responsible for selecting, receiving and distributing supplemental show awards for all shows
Melinda GawDebi Murnan, Vicki Dias, David Hanson
Digital Communications - Responsible for our website, Facebook, and other social media forums for communicating news and events.Melinda GawArt Fingerle, Kelli Brummett, Eileen Maxinoski, Debi Murnan
Show Committee - Responsible for planning all aspects of WCRHA showsKelli BrummettDavid Hanson
Show Approvals -
Responsible for the approval of all non-produced WCRHA shows
Rachel Fingerle
Event Manpower - Responsible for assisting the other committees in securing appropriate volunteers to ensure smooth operation of the show or eventMark FaleyThad Carr
Special Events - Planning and operating non horse show events such as Boot Camp, Judges Seminars or the participation of other eventsMike Silva
Finance - Responsible for gathering the financial data from treasurer and accountant and analyzing it prior to reportingKelsey NjusRachel Fingerle, Ed Glavis
Bylaws - Responsible for reviewing the WCRHA bylaws and presenting recommendations for necessary changes Mike MalloDerek Brummett
Youth - Liaison between the board and WCRHyATeresa Canada
Banners - Responsible for putting up and taking down sponsor banners at all horse showsMark Faley
Year-End Banquet - Planning of the Year-End BanquetKelsey NjusDavid Hanson, Melinda Gaw
Silent Auction - Responsible for procuring and organizing silent auction items.Kelsey NjusBritta Jacobson, Melinda Gaw
Apparel - Responsible for the ordering, promoting and selling of WCRHA apparelMelinda Gaw
Membership Services - manages membership renewals, affiliate designation, horse nominations and media reminders to our membersArt FingerleRachel Fingerle
Show and Arena Conditions Has direct contact with facility owners, managers and arena staff to prepare footing and maintenance of arena. Thad Carr
Mike Boyle
Professionals Committee - comprised of WCRHA professional members and will offer suggestions and input on topics related to all aspects of the horseshowDavid HansonAll current WCRHA membership card holding professionals