Youth Saddles are now Year End Awards

In addition to the regular year end class awards of buckles to Champion and Reserve Champion, jackets to the top 5 and other awards to 3rd, 4th and 5th places, starting in 2018 there will also be a SADDLE awarded in the following YOUTH classes as a year end award at the banquet;

YOUTH 14 TO 18

The owner must nominate their horse as they currently do for the regular year end awards before any points are counted and all owners and riders of the horse must be current members of WCRHA before any points are counted.
The ONLY shows that will count for points towards the SADDLES are;
WCRHA Affiliate #2
WCRHA Affiliate #3
WCRHA Affiliate #4
WCRHA Year End Show

The points will be counted as they are for the regular year end awards. Ties will be broken by whoever has the highest reining score at the year end show.
There is no minimum number of shows that must be attended to qualify for the saddles but all points earned at Affiliates 2-4 and year end show will count.
It is possible that the same person who wins the saddle in a class does not also win the Champion Buckle in the class.
The regular year end awards will be calculated as per usual with other approved shows counting for points and a minimum of 4 shows must be attended and 3 shows for short stirrup. See under “points, shows and year end awards” for details.
This will take the place of the saddles previously awarded at the year end show.
If you have any questions please contact a WCRHA Board Member or Tereasa Canada, Youth Advisor 707-318-5933,