WCRHyA Scholarships Due January 1st 2023

WCRHyA Scholarship Information:

♦ Up to two (2) $500 scholarships will be awarded each year to WCRHyA graduating seniors.
o Should there be more than 2 qualified candidates, youth delegates will have the option to approve further scholarships based on available funds.
♦ Submitted applications will be reviewed by members of the general WCRHA board and winners voted upon. If youth delegates are not candidates for the scholarship that year, their input and vote will be considered as well.
♦ After awarding of scholarships, money will be sent directly to the institution where scholarship winner is enrolled. Money will not be sent directly to scholarship winner.
♦ Scholarship winners have until their 22nd birthday to use scholarship money. After that, scholarship will be forfeited.

WCRHyA Scholarship Requirements:

♦ Application must be postmarked by 1/1/23 for consideration
♦ To apply for the WCRHyA scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:
o Current WCRHA membership as of application date
o Applicant must be a graduating high school senior in 2023 with intent to pursue a degree at a two- or four-year institution, trade school, or technical school.
o All applicants must complete the scholarship application, including essay question and submission of one letter of recommendation from either a trainer, WCRHA member, teacher, or coach.
o Ideal candidates will have been active in WCRHyA activities and fundraising throughout their membership

If you have questions on WCRHyA Scholarship please contact Kelsey Njus – Kelsey_njus@att.net or 415-328-4988