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Affiliate 1 Show Information – Rolling Hills EC – March 5-7th 2021

2021 Schooling Entry and Waivers

2021 Schooling Entry

MEC WAIVER – This must be signed at every show you participate in at MEC during COVID-19.

2021 Membership & Nomination Form

Please be sure to get your membership and nominations in before the 2021 show season begins.
Mail/Make check to WCRHA; 11525 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove, CA 95757

2021 Membership & Nomination Form 1/14/2021 Current Membership Standings

Voting Instructions for the 2021 Board of Director Slate

WCRHA is excited to bring to our members a choice on how to vote this year.

Electronic voting through the WCRHA website or in Person / Paper ballots during the schooling.

Electronic Voting will run from 12 pm (noon) Monday, January 18th to 12 pm (noon) January 20th. – check back to this post

You must input your WCRHA membership number

You may choose up to 7 candidates per ballot

Only one ballot per membership number will be used.

In Person / Paper ballots will be available at the arena entry gate Thursday morning January 21 to Friday 5pm January 22nd.

            Art Fingerle will be offering and collecting all paper ballots

            You must input your WCRHA membership number

            You may choose up to 7 candidates per ballot

Only one ballot (either electronic or paper) will be counted per membership number

Youth are not eligible for voting

2021 WCRHA Board of Director Slate will be announced by President David Hanson during the General Meeting held on Saturday January 24th

            General Meeting will be held at MEC in indoor arena  

Event will also be shown on Facebook Live – Members only page.

Any questions on electronic voting please contact Melinda Gaw – Digital Communications Chair @

All Voting and Membership questions please contact Art Fingerle – Membership Chair @ If attending the Schooling – please remember to observe COVID-19 guidelines.

Candidates are:

Art Fingerle – Incumbent – Membership Chair
Rachel Fingerle – Incumbent – Treasure
Kelli Brummett – Incumbent -Show Committee Chair
Mike Boyle – Incumbent – Grounds Co-Chair
Thad Carr – Incumbent – Grounds Co-Chair
Melinda Gaw – Incumbent – Digital Communications Chair
Jason Richards – NEW CANDIDATE

BIO for Jason Richards

West Coast Reining Horse Association members, my name is Jason Richards and I would like to be on the board of directors.  My enthusiasm knowledge and experience would make me a great candidate. I have served on the border directors in the past for the WCRHA  back in the nineties. I have also served on the board of directors for the Idaho Reining Horse Association and the Ontario Reining Horse Association. My 25 years as an NRHA Professional also adds to my experience.  I have trained horses all over the world and all over the United States and my vast experience and new ideas I believe would be valuable to this association. I have work at Cloverleaf Ranch for Ron and Ginger DeGrange where I gained valuable experience teaching and guiding hundreds of youth riders, mainly beginners. I spent time working for NRCHA  Hall of Famer Annie Reynolds, gaining vast knowledge as an all around horseman. I spend 2 years working for and coaching Million dollar rider, breeder and owner Jose Vazquez, where I learned to work with a different culture and an winning organization. I’m dependable and kind. I look forward to joining an already successful team hear in California. Little known facts about me I’m a 49 year old native of California born in San Rafael, I attended Oregon State University where i studied political science, trained horses in 3  Foreign countries including Italy, Canada and Mexico. NRHA LTE $250,000.00. Goals include obtaining my NRHA judges card and helping the WCRHA develop its youth program and add a 4 yr old Red shirt.

Board Members Roles and Responsiblities WCRHA Committee Descriptions